One of Asia's most prestigious universities is on the frontline of a battle for democracy

Students and lecturers at Hong Kong's most prestigious university returned from summer break this mo ...View More

Wall Street Journal's Facebook Files series prompts comparisons to Big Tobacco

All week long, The Wall Street Journal's "Facebook Files" series has invited comparisons of the soci ...View More

Italy will likely hold a referendum on decriminalizing cannabis next year

Italy will likely decide whether or not to decriminalize cannabis in a referendum next year, after c ...View More

Tottenham to host world's first net zero carbon elite football game -- but is a carbon-neutral match possible?

Tottenham Hotspur hopes to end Sunday's Premier League game against Chelsea on zero -- not zero goal ...View More

What Afghan Americans want refugees fleeing the Taliban to know

Decades after the last major exodus from Afghanistan, refugees find themselves forced to flee their  ...View More

US targeted wrong vehicle in August airstrike and killed 10 civilians, including 7 children

• Video: Kabul airstrike was a 'mistake,' US general says • They wanted a new life in America. Inste ...View More

US military admits it killed 10 civilians and targeted wrong vehicle in Kabul airstrike

A United States military investigation into a deadly Kabul drone strike on a vehicle in August has f ...View More

New Lebanon PM seeks 'quick fixes' to help his country out of economic crisis

New Prime Minister Najib Mikati urged Lebanon's people to put their trust in his government as he se ...View More

Canada's election is heating up. Some fear US-style political polarization will follow

The sky was blue, the families were smiling, the toddlers were taking tender steps through the grass ...View More

Russia goes to the polls amid crackdown on political dissent

Millions of Russians are expected to head to the polls over a three-day period starting Friday in el ...View More

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