June 06, 2019  

Blue belt zones to protect minke whales

  BBC     June 06, 2019

Special protections are planned for minke whales and basking sharks in their feeding grounds around  ...View More

How fish and shrimps could be recruited as underwater spies

  BBC     June 06, 2019

Animals have long been used for military purposes, but could marine creatures also act as sensors?

Climate change: Emissions target could cost UK £1tn, warns Hammond

  BBC     June 06, 2019

The chancellor warns the PM that reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 could lower p ...View More

Prehistoric stone engraved with horses found in France

  BBC     June 06, 2019

A carving believed to be about 12,000 years old has been discovered in south-western France.

'Band of Brothers' actors retell harrowing D-Day stories

  CNN     June 06, 2019

'I slammed into the ground in a real hurry'

Heathrow scanners mean liquids can stay in bags

  BBC     June 06, 2019

The technology is designed to cut down queues, and lose the annoyance of removing liquids from bags.

Ultimate limit of human endurance found

  BBC     June 06, 2019

Scientists studied elite events, including a 3,000 mile run and the Tour de France.

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